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CCTV cameras working with RFID readers can bolster security on construction sites

February 19, 2020

Using CCTV surveillance cameras together with RFID-based identification tags can help construction companies enhance security on construction sites and to provide builders and building owners with an automated view into what happens at a work site entrance, a recent news report has been able to suggest. Such a combined solution is now in use at […]

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Plans put forward for £100m development at former IBM facility in Greenock

February 12, 2020

Planning permission is being sought for up to 450 new homes, as well as retail, leisure and community facilities on the site of the former IBM facility at Spango Valley, Greenock, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest. The 70-acre site, which IBM pulled out of in 2016, is […]

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Deploying access control solutions in a co-working environment

February 04, 2020

Access control solutions tailored to fit the requirements of modern, co-working environments are likely to become increasingly important, as recent research suggests that flexible workspaces in the EMEA region will number around 17,000 by 2022. Co-working provision is a dynamic market, with increasingly fierce competition for a user base that knows what it wants and […]

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Access Control Goes Beyond Security, Helps Optimize Facility Management

January 28, 2020

Traditionally, the main purpose of an access control system is to provide a higher level of security for the premises where it is installed, by ensuring that only people holding the correct credentials would be allowed through. However, with the advent of new technologies, this role is starting to change – or rather to expand […]

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Access Control – an important security feature to be considered when opening new retail units

January 22, 2020

Access control systems are a must for any new retail unit nowadays, considering the level of security required on the premises. That will also be the case with the six new Aldi stores likely to be opened across Scotland this year according to a news report into the matter. Two of the new shops will […]

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Access Control Systems – A Must for Any IT Centre in the Banking Sector

January 15, 2020

Access control systems, CCTV and other security provisions are a must for any IT centre, especially when it’s involved in the banking industry, as will be the case with TSB’s latest location in Edinburgh. TSB has announced a new IT centre in Edinburgh to drive forward digital banking as part of a £120m investment, creating […]

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5 reasons to use a smartcard access control system

February 05, 2019

Using our contactless radio-frequency smartcards with our powerful access software is the perfect start to solving your security woes. Small, long-lasting and easy to use Our radio-frequency smartcards are a great alternative to the less modern versions which many companies still rely on. They are similar in size to a credit card, so they are […]

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Access control systems are useful for offices, not just factories.

October 01, 2018

A Manchester tax relief firm is opening a new head office in Glasgow, which will triple its Scottish workforce. This is Catax’s second Scottish expansion, after they opened a satellite operation in Edinburgh. The specialist tax relief business is aiming to help Scottish firms which it describes as “chronically under-served” when it comes to realising […]

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New building requires access control analysis – system up to scratch?

August 29, 2018

Balmore Group has relocated from Glasgow to larger premises at Kelburn Business Park in Port Glasgow.   The business is a one-stop service providing difficult-access inspection, repair, maintenance and specialist cleaning services.   The move was prompted by growth and expansion, thanks to enhanced permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to use drones in congested […]

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New factory for recycling company

August 16, 2018

Recycling Technologies, specialists in the chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste, will move to a new factory in Swindon.  Planning has also been approved for the company’s first commercial RT7000 recycling machine at Binn Eco Park in Perthshire. This will form part of a plastics reprocessing facility starting in 2019.    This is part of […]

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