Contactless Smart Card Access Control

Secure Access Contactless Smart Cards

Our access control system can be operated by contactless smartcards.

The contactless smartcards use radio-frequency technology. Aerials within the smartcards automatically pick up on the 125 KHz frequency electromagnetic field which is produced by the Access Control proximitysmartcard readers.

Once the card is read, the card reader gives an audial and visual indication within half a second. The result, allowing the card holder through the entrance or not, depends on the security profile that you have programmed into the system. These profiles can be individual to different staff members, or as general as “staff” vs “visitor”.

The radio-frequency technology gives the smartcard system a reliable read range which is unaffected by outside conditions such as rain. The smartcard readers will function between temperatures of -15 °C to +55 °C.

Since the smartcards operate passively, using the signals from the readers, they do not require any internal power source and can be used for a theoretically infinite amount of time.

The smartcards are approximately the size of a credit card, and can fit into a wallet or pocket as well as a traditional lanyard.

The radio signals can penetrate most thin materials which are not metal, so you can wave your wallet or pocket containing the smartcard in front of the reader and receive an identical result compared to if you had taken the time to remove it. This also means that it does not matter if your card is muddy or dirty.

Each contactless smartcard comes with a unique factory encoded ID number, which has built-in security checks to prevent misreading. This number cannot be duplicated.

Your access control system can also be operated by proximity key fobs, which work in exactly the same way as smart cards and can be used on the same scanners.


Contactless Smart Card Access Scanners

The smartcard readers are supplied to you ready to install, using either a cable or an Ethernet network.

Different styles of reader have different outputs, but our standard card reader has the following LED indicators: (as pictured)




If you have car park security, or would like to enhance your control in that area of your premises, we advise setting up a smartcard reader or two near to your barriers or turnstile so that you can monitor and control entrances or exits.


  • high quality gloss finish
  • impact-resistant casing
  • similar dimensions to a standard light switch
  • compact design
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