Full Height Turnstiles

Ideal for controlling visitor flow to certain areas of your premises

Our full height turnstiles are useful as part of a higher-security approach, as they are more effective deterrents than half-height turnstiles.

Reliable, tamper-resistant and weatherproof, these turnstiles can withstand unforgiving environmental conditions.

Full-height turnstiles provide entrance controls for a wide range of premises with stringent security requirements where half-height wouldn’t be adequate, such as production facilities, areas containing confidential information, or staff-only areas.

Materials and Construction

Our turnstiles are constructed on 100 x 40 x 2mm main carriers, supported by tube profiles on lateral panels, and strengthened by separators. The material is electrostatically powder-coated steel or stainless steel.

These are available in either single or double versions.

  • Single turnstiles can be either motorised or manual. The mechanical type supports a maximum flow rate of 85 passages/minute, with the nominal value of 33 persons/minute. The motorized version supports up to 48 passages/minute, with a nominal value of 24 persons/minute.
  • Double versions require dry contact or grounding outputs in order to function. The double versions support a flow rate of 60 passages/minute per side, equalling 120 in total. The nominal value is set at ~10-25 passages per minute per side.


In order to maximise the security effectiveness of your full height turnstile, we recommend that you integrate the turnstile with an access control solution, such as a card reader or other type of control unit, from Access Control Scotland.

This enables you to gather better data on the numbers of people entering your site, and to have fine-tuned control over who is allowed entrance to designated areas.


  • High traffic volumes;
  • Strict security standards;
  • Severe operating conditions;
  • Galvanised with polyester powder coat finish for extra durability;
  • Interior and exterior installations;
  • No routine maintenance;
  • Available in any RAL colour as a special order at low prices.


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