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Audit trail shows who was granted or denied access at any site location

Scottish officers chief constable police Access Control Scotland security system site employees individual profile customised granted deniedKeeping the Scottish Government’s promise of 1,000 extra officers nationwide will be an extremely difficult task, says the chief constable of the single police service.

Use contactless key fobs to operate a door access system

Offenders Uddingston Christmas South Lanarkshire facility office stolen Dogs Trust Glasgow Contactless key fobs Access Control Scotland scanned keyring slotOffenders have struck at an Uddingston dog welfare charity for the fourth time since Christmas. The South Lanarkshire facility has had various parts affected by break-ins, including the office area from where items such as computers have been stolen.

How to restrict certain areas of a site using time constraints

Security Glasgow 2014 Police Scotland Chief Constable safe Games Access Control Scotland daily access patterns restrict certain site using time constraints employees profileSecurity costs for Glasgow 2014 have spiralled up to £90 million following recommendations from the top police officer in Scotland.

Pass production system controls and monitors arrivals of an organisation’s contractors

High Court Glasgow criminal HMP Glenochil Visitor Management security Access Control Scotland deny site employees pass production monitors contractors WindowsTM style softwareA man who lived in a £2 million home in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire has gone on the run. Michael Voudouri was last week due to appear in the dock at the High Court in Glasgow but his whereabouts are unknown.

Secure exterior areas with high visibility reflective automatic barriers

Scottish stolen metal Association of Chief Police Officers Punishment of Offenders Access Control Scotland securing site car park automatic barriers high visibility red reflective stripingThe Scottish government is seeking to introduce measures similar to those in the rest of the UK to fight the plague of stolen metal.