Access Control That Fits Your Requirements

Our high-quality Biometric Access Control scanners allow only authorised personnel to enter or exit from the area, aiding both your security protocols and your health and safety adherence.

The scanner combines two effective forms of identification: the contactless smart card and the fingerprint biometric. Due to the radio frequency technology, the scanner can read the smart cards even through a wallet or pocket. Fingerprints are a widely-used form of biometrics – unique body measurements which identity a person and are very difficult to fake.

Depending on the stringency of your security requirements, the scanner can be set to require the presentation of only a smart card, of only a registered fingerprint, or of both methods of identification consecutively.

Each smart card has its own unique ID number, which is matched against the existing database to decide whether or not that card user is allowed access through the relevant barrier.

A fingerprint, once registered on the system, is stored as a template based on the patterns on the finger. It is not a direct copy of a fingerprint, but a coded conversion. This template is compared to the live fingerprint to look for the points of correspondence before access is granted or denied. The place where users must put their fingerprints is made from thick, scratch resistant glass.

The scanner is small, simple to use and allows you to enhance the security of different areas of your site in an unobtrusive manner.

Key Features

  • Smart card only, Biometric only or Smart Card & Biometric functionality.
  • The unit can be directly connected via a peer to peer cable connection.
  • Supports HID Prox™, HID iClass™, MiFare™, and DesFire™ cards.
  • IP enabled, Ethernet 10/100Mb.
  • Operate from an 8VDC to 13.6VDC supply.
  • Control and Reset functions.
  • Biometric reader interface.
  • 4 Serial ports.
  • 1 port (RS485 interface to clock and External Scanner interface).
  • 1 port with full modem control ( Modem RS232 Interface).
  • 2 SPI port (one port is used for scanner interface).
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