Car Park Barriers

The ideal solution for controlling site car park and road entry points

Car park barriers are an effective way to control who accesses your site while causing minimum inconvenience to permitted users. Here at Access Control Scotland, we can supply you with automatic car park barriers to form a key part of your access system and ensure maximum flow capacity to your site.

Our car park barriers can also be easily combined with other security elements to give a truly full-featured service. Cameras, facial recognition and intercoms can make sure that you are aware of everyone who is entering your premises, while ANPR and a contactless smartcard or ticketing system lets employees and others who are whitelisted sail through the security screening.

To this end, we sell pedestals for access control smart card readers, which are also suitable for a keypad, and a dual-height version for sites which get regular traffic from larger vehicles.

This means that you can use the barriers to monitor visitor flow, and look for congestion or other problems.

You can even integrate this with our automated fire roll call, so that anyone who has entered through the car park barrier is registered as on-site and added to the fire roll call which is printed if an alarm sounds.

Car Park Barrier Accessories

Our car park barriers are available in a range of boom arm sizes, to accommodate different road and entrance widths. We advise that anything longer than 3m should have a support post, to ensure that the mechanism keeps working at maximum efficiency rather than straining and lowering its life expectancy.

Another car park barrier accessory that we would recommend is the barrier skirt. This removes the potential security breach of the gap underneath the barrier. Once the skirt has been applied, the barrier can no longer be easily circumnavigated by a pedestrian.

Whatever the size of your site, our weather-proof barrier mechanisms and equipment will provide peace of mind. Many of our car park security products are available in any RAL colour for a low price, if you want to keep your branding consistent through the site.


  • Extruded aluminium barrier arm.
  • Multiple barrier arm lengths available.
  • High visibility red reflective striping.
  • No routine maintenance required.

Optional Extras

  • Goose neck stands.
  • Impact release mechanism.
  • Folding arm mechanism.
  • Contactless smart card system.


All barriers have a manual override facility and are supplied with safety features which prevent closure on a pedestrian or vehicle as well as offering safety in a power failure.

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