Use contactless key fobs to operate a door access system

Offenders Uddingston Christmas South Lanarkshire facility office stolen Dogs Trust Glasgow Contactless key fobs Access Control Scotland scanned keyring slotOffenders have struck at an Uddingston dog welfare charity for the fourth time since Christmas. The South Lanarkshire facility has had various parts affected by break-ins, including the office area from where items such as computers have been stolen. A spokeswoman said: “Dogs Trust Glasgow has been broken in to for a fourth time since Christmas,” adding: “Dogs Trust Glasgow is urgently appealing for anyone with information to contact the police.”

Contactless key fobs are one of the methods used to operate an Access Control Scotland access control system. An inbuilt aerial made from copper and iron is embedded into your key fob, allowing it to be scanned by your access control system. Being smaller in design, key fobs have a smaller read range than that of a smart card, but can still be successfully scanned from a distance. All fobs supplied by Access Control Scotland have a keyring slot allowing them to be attached to a set of keys.