Key Fob Access Control

Contact-less key fobs are used to operate your access control system. They operate using well-proven and reliable RF technology, which gives a constant read range and is unaffected by most external conditions. It also means that there is no onboard battery, so theoretically, each key fob has an infinite life and can be read an infinite number of times.

When placed within range of your access control scanner, the key fob will be read in under ½ second, even if that fob is covered in oil and grease. This ensures quick scanning times and allows for fast throughput of employees, especially useful at peak periods.

Your key fob access control system can also be operated by proximity smart cards, which work in exactly the same way as key fobs and can be used on the same scanners.

Key Fobs

Key Fob Access Control - Access Control ScotlandAn inbuilt aerial made from copper and iron is embedded into your key fob, allowing it to be scanned by your access control system. Being smaller in design, key fobs have a smaller read range than that of a smart card, but can still be successfully scanned from a distance.

Having installed numerous access control systems across Scotland, we have found that most of our customers opt for the T1313 key fob. This fob has a grey plastic shell made from implant quality glass, similar to those used in the identification of pets.

All key fobs supplied by Access Control Scotland have a keyring slot allowing them to be attached to a set of keys.

Key Fob Integrity

Each key fob has a microchip embedded within it that holds a unique factory encoded ID number. With up to 34 billion different combinations of ID number, there is no chance that your key fobs can be duplicated. In addition, each ID number has built-in security and integrity checks ensuring that it cannot be misread. A cross-reference list correlating the external printed fob number and the programmed ID number is also provided for easy system integration.

The combination of robustness, accuracy and speed have placed our key fob access control systems at the forefront of secure, reliable access control systems.