Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control is ideal for situations where irrefutable proof of a persons identity is required. This technology, designed specifically for your access control system actually reads below the surface layer of skin down to the live dermal layer where an individual's true fingerprint resides.

Our biometric scanners are particularly powerful as they can successfully scan through dirt and grease, which may otherwise contaminate the fingerprint and give a false reading. Biometric readings are taken from below the user's surface layer of skin, using electro-magnetic waves, thus eliminating this problem altogether.

One major advantage of a biometric access control system is that it gives you irrefutable proof of identification to positively identify an employee, thus employee mimicking can be accurately prevented. It is for this reason that we are seeing huge growth in the biometrics market.

If you already have access scanners in place, the biometric scanning unit is simply mounted alongside, otherwise a combination smart card / biometric scanner is used. When a smart card or key fob is used to open a door release, the scanner will prompt the employee to present their finger for verification. Only genuine personnel with a valid smart card are able to successfully operate the lock.

Biometric Access Control - Access Control ScotlandBiometric scanning technology gives increased accuracy and reliability when identifying a user and can operate under difficult conditions. The scanner reads below the surface layer of the skin, so under most circumstances there are no adverse effects on the accuracy of identification.

Electro-magnetic waves generated by your biometric access control scanner are bounced off of the live tissue underneath the skin. These reflections are then recorded by your access control software, building up a picture of the users fingerprint.

Biometric access control is available within the Enterprise product range, and enables you to control:

  • which scanners require fingerprint verification;
  • the time of day verification is required;
  • who is allowed to enrol fingerprint information.